Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver

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Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver

It is important to know which dispensary is best for you. Getting your medical card can make it much easier to get medical marijuana, and in some states, it is possible to get the medicine you need without having to spend much money. It is also possible to use a medical marijuana dispensary card to buy edibles and other marijuana products. You can get these cards at the dispensary of your choice, and there are many options to choose from.


If you are in Colorado and have a medical card, you can use the dispensary in Reverb.com to get the best price and quality. It is one of the most comprehensive dispensaries in the state, and has a variety of products. You can even find dispensaries that specialize in different strains and products.

Natural Remedies is a four-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner and family-owned dispensary in Denver, Colorado. This dispensary produces award-winning flower, in-house concentrates, and edibles, in two warehouses totaling nearly 30,000 square feet. They also offer CBD products and a rotating selection of 20 strain varieties. You can find varieties like Gorilla Glue, Bob Saget, and Natty Rems OG.

Green Dragon has a state-of-the-art grow facility in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and another one in Denver. The company produces premium flower for 12 locations throughout the state, including Denver. Their exclusive strains come in sealed to-go bags, making transactions faster than at most dispensaries. They also have competitive prices and a loyalty program with freebies for returning customers. There are outposts in Aspen, Breckenridge, and Telluride as well.


Marijuana dispensaries are a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts, and you’ll find plenty of great options in Denver. The market is vast, with edibles, topicals, concentrates, and flower being just some of the options. To keep up with the rapid growth of the industry, dispensaries are looking to employ knowledgeable staff to help customers find the right product for their needs. Here, we’ve compiled our picks for the best dispensaries in Denver.

Lightshade is a Denver-based dispensary that has nine locations in the metro area. Their website features striking photo transitions and a variety of quality content, including celebrity interviews and product recommendations. They also post information about their corporate responsibility and giveback programs.


If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you might want to listen to podcasts about the industry. Podcasts like From Pot to Popular are full of industry insider information. Each episode features interviews with experts and entrepreneurs from the cannabis industry. They discuss everything from business basics to manufacturing strategies to pricing. They also discuss trends and regional issues in the industry.

The podcasts are hosted by a team of women who are passionate about the industry. Their main goal is to educate the listener on the benefits of cannabis, and they do that through science-based data as well as anecdotal stories. This is an excellent way to learn more about cannabis while multi-tasking or unwinding.


There are several Denver dispensaries to choose from when looking for medical marijuana. Some of these dispensaries even offer happy hours and medically certified budtenders. Regardless of your preferences, a dispensary in Denver can be a great choice. Read on to find out about some of the best options.

There are some dispensaries that do not grow their own cannabis or offer very high THC. The Black Leaf Cannabis Shop, near LoHi Steakbar, is one of these dispensaries. The store is run by Wanda James, who was the first African-American to own a dispensary in the United States.


As recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado in 2014, Denver was ground zero for the green rush. At that time, there were 147 licensed dispensaries in the state. By May 2018, the number of dispensaries has risen to 529. While some of our twin casino bonuses top picks are newer, they are also veterans in the Denver medical marijuana scene that have since expanded their services to the recreational market.

A great dispensary in Denver is one that offers a variety of products at affordable prices. A good option is to choose one with happy hours and knowledgeable “budtenders”. This type of establishment values the comfort of its customers.